mission vision


The mission of ZEUXIS is to make a real, tangible difference in the lives of people in need.


By planning and implementing projects that truly help and support the most vulnerable, ZEUXIS’s vision is to be a reliable, resourceful and effective organisation. To remain loyal to its commitment of protecting human rights and to be able to bring direct, tangible and constant change in the lives of those in need by achieving the best possible use of human and financial resources.

Zeuxis' Values



Our resolutions and actions are governed by consistency, diligence and responsibility. Our conduct reflects these values.

We are independent from any authority, public or private, and we do not serve any purpose (political, social etc) other than the best interest of our beneficiaries.

Accountability and Transparency

Accountability is at the core of every project we implement. For all of us in the team of ZEUXIS, accountability is a non-negotiable value and covers all the aspects or our work and our organisation.

We are prepared and willing to account for our actions and practices to the State, the civil society, our donors / sponsors, our partners, our employees and above all to the beneficiaries of our projects at any given time.

Transparency for us is not a simple process of providing information, but substantial and meaningful access to that information and data. It is about the way we manage financial resources and funds, the way we treat our employees as well as the way we develop and implement our projects.


Our aspiration is to always act based on the highest standards of personal and organizational honesty and conduct. Our ideas, views and most importantly our actions are driven by our ethics which cannot be compromised.

This is something we ask from our partners too. One of the prerequisites in order for ZEUXIS to hire an employee, partner with another organisation or work with a service provider is that the latter endorses a code of conduct which reflects our values and ethics.

In the same vein, we take any cases of violation of this code of conduct very seriously, and examine any allegations of such violations carefully. To this end, we also work with external organisations to assure thorough examination of every case.

Effectiveness and Quality

For all of us in ZEUXIS team, what counts most is the actual impact of our work to the beneficiaries, the benefit they derive from whatever we do.

Our goal is to plan and implement sustainable projects based on the highest quality standards, which correspond to the actual and real needs of people. Our projects aim at empowering vulnerable people and not making them dependent on us.

Furthermore, our priority is to make the best possible use of every resource, directing the vast majority of each fund to the beneficiaries, as we value each and every donation made available to us by our donors.

Respect to the human dignity - rights

For us in ZEUXIS, respect for the freedom and rights of all humans is essential and non-negotiable. All sorts of policies and practices (social, integration, migration, asylum etc) have to prioritize people and their value. No “good” can be deemed superior than or compromise these values. All people must be treated with dignity and respect, must be granted their rights to the fullest extent and protection must be the first priority before any legal procedures and/or regulations.

The criterion for all the activities we develop is the status and the condition of people and not their religion, nationality, gender etc.

Policy of equal opportunities and combating discriminations

In ZEUXIS we follow an equal opportunity policy for all our employees and candidate employees. For us, all that matters is the merit and value of each person despite their gender, nationality, religion etc.
We pursue to create a working environment of respect and cooperation where everyone is able to develop their competencies and talents. We work hard to ensure that there are no discriminations and to provide ongoing training and education to our employees regarding equality, gender balance, sexual harassment etc.

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