mission vision

Zeuxis' vision is to combat poverty, social exclusion and discrimination, to enhance social cohesion and to promote a rational asylum system and management of mixed migration flows with respect for human rights and European and national legislation. Zeuxis seeks to make a real and measurable difference in the lives of people in need by designing and implementing programs that truly help the most vulnerable groups and by participating in advocacy activities to support and promote their rights.

Zeuxis' Values


Humanity and respect for human rights and dignity:
Immediate response where human life and human rights are threatened is at the core of our principles. For us, respect for fundamental human rights and freedom is fundamental and non-negotiable. Any kind of policy (social, integration, immigration, asylum, etc.) must focus on the people and their value. No "good" can claim and enforce policies and practices that would compromise these values.

Accountability - Transparency - Legality
Accountability is a key element of every project we design and implement. For the people of Zeuxis, accountability is a non-negotiable value and concerns all dimensions of our work without exception. We are always ready to be accountable to the state, to the public, to donors, to partners and to beneficiaries, whenever requested. Our decisions and actions are governed by consistency and responsibility. Transparency for us, does not mean mere provision of information but essential access to important information. It concerns both the financial management and project implementation as well as the management of human resources.

Our interventions are designed and implemented solely based on the needs, with priority to the most urgent cases and without any discrimination because of nationality, race, gender, religious belief, class, politics or sexual orientation. We seek to act on the highest standards of personal honesty and conduct. Our ideas, our views and especially our actions are governed by irreconcilable ethics with the aim of always acting to the greatest benefit of vulnerable groups.

Neutrality and Independence:
In our interventions and actions, we are not allowed to engage in conflicts or confrontations of political, racial or religious nature. Our actions are independent of political and economic interests.

Quality and Efficiency:
We are interested in the essential benefit that our work has to people. Our goal is to design and implement sustainable projects with quality and quantity goals that meet the real needs of people, projects that aim to empower vulnerable groups and not make them dependent. In addition, we are interested in making the best possible use of every resource, respecting every offer made by our donors.

Equal opportunities and respect for employees:
We follow a policy of equal opportunities towards all our employees. For us, the only thing that matters is the value, the skills and the respect for the principles of Zeuxis, regardless of other characteristics (gender, nationality, religion, political views, etc.). At the same time, we ensure a working environment of absolute respect for all employees and we are constantly working towards raising awareness and training of our employees.


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