Currently it is estimated that in Greece there are 3050 unaccompanied minors (UAMs) out of whom 96.2% are boys and 3.8% are girls.

Almost 42% of those, 1280 children, are homeless, in non-formal housing projects (squads) or in unknown locations and they are faced with multiple dangers such as sexual exploitation, exposure to trafficking, forced labor etc.

Many of those UAMs have not not even be registered whereas the vast majority of them has no access to formal education, their health is not being monitored, they do not have access to regular treatment if needed, they have not been vaccinated etc.

The rest UAMs (the ones that stay temporarily at some sort of accommodation) usually stay, waiting for their turn to be transferred to a shelter, in Hotspots (i.e. Moria), in protective custody (in police stations) or other temporary establishments.

According to the Permanent Committee for the psychological health chronic and extended exposure of children and teenagers to war conditions is particularly damaging for their psychology.

In a report by UNICEF it is recorded that children that are born in belligerent situations grow up untimely, whereas one in ten is obliged to labor. Also, about 40% of children are deprived of basic (elementary) education.

Several children express various symptoms such as toxic stress, post-traumatic stress disorder or urinary disorders and some children develop aggressive behavior.

The impact of war in the children’s psyche can last from weeks to years and the trauma consequences overwhelm a significant part of their lives. As a repercussion of this, children and teenagers are susceptible to becoming victims of trafficking, of forced labor and of sexual exploitation.

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