Zeuxis Day Center: The 10 year old Afghan girl who came out to the light from the darkness.

“A” Is a 10 year old girl who had to flee Afghanistan with her family due to the precarious conditions that prevailed there.

Following a hard and perilous journey to reach Greece, “A” had to experience separation from her mother, who along with her younger sister left to a Northern European country to seek international protection.

So, “A” stayed in Greece with her father trying to give meaning to all the losses, separations and transitions.

I was wondering how is it possible that these meanings can find space inside her and to which realizations they will lead her…

Little “N” from Afghanistan wants to become a football player

I meet “N” and her father at the waiting room of the Day Center. The father has an appointment with the Center’s social service. He seeks advice as to how he can help his daughter as she is in a bad emotional state, after her mother took her younger brother and left to another European

“N” from Afghanistan speaks Greek, but she is very shy initially. She is playing a game in her father’s smartphone. After the first moments of inhibition she tells me that she doesn’t speak fluently as she doesn’t go to school as “there is no teacher”. She says she is happy here in Greece because she is with her dad and ad told her that “here it is fine”. When she grows she wants to just “be with dad and travel a lot”.

13 years old Mohammad wins every day the wager of knowledge

He’s 13 years old and his name is Mohammad. He came with his mum from Iran leaving behind his father and two sisters.

He was my first student in the Day center.

I remember him bashful, almost stuck to his mum coming up the staircase. His head bowed, he avoided eye contact with everyone. He sat on a chair and didn’t talk, not even when I called him in the classroom to meet him. He avoided looking at me, he didn’t respond to whatever I asked him, he didn’t react to whatever the interpreter told him. He didn’t even want to draw anything…

When he left, I wasn’t even sure that he’d come back again. I know that I would never forget him! Despite the conditions of our interaction he would still be my first student on the Day Center.

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