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Every organisation is its people. The people of Zeuxis are present to demonstrate that despite the odds and difficulties they are always close to our children, to support, protect and take good care of.
In the Malakasa reception center the snow has covered everything. The weather conditions are bad. Our 30 unaccompanied minor boys need us and we are there:
Lia just left thanks to a Civil Proteciton vehicle that took her safely out from the center. She was at the Safe Zone for almost a day.

Teta also left after making sure that the children would have food and water, doing her best to keep them safe.
Sami and Giannis have just seems that the roads are not closed when there are people that care.
And close to them the rest of our team coordinating, supporting, making sure that the needs are covered.
In time like these, a "thank you" to our people might not seem much, but it is so heart-felt and real!
Because when we say #nochildalone we mean it!

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