Zeuxis and Kindernothilfe (KNH) joint initiative for the support
of 140 minor refugees and migrants and their families

Zeuxis is pleased to announce its partnership with Kindernothilfe for the operation of Zeuxis Day Center for the “Psychosocial and Educational Support of Minor Refugees and Migrants” during summer.

Zeuxis Day Care Center is a model space for holistic intervention and interdisciplinary work with refugee and migrant minors, which operates around two axels; on one hand through the psychological assessment and support by a clinical psychologist, and on the other hand, through the participation of beneficiaries –minors and their parents- in the non-formal educational program, we aim at empowering the beneficiaries to deal with the challenges of the new environment, as well as at training and developing their emotional and cognitive skills.

Considering the timeline of intervention, DC’s operation during the summer months, where normally no services are provided, would be a high impact activity as it will serve a two-fold purpose:

a) Filling the gap in the provision of educational services.

Avoiding long interruptions in schooling for migrant and refugee children is important not only in terms of engaging them in daily routines and contributing to a “safe environment”, but also knowledge-wise and in terms of their social integration.

b) Providing psychosocial care and safeguarding children’s rights considering COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent measures

Sessions will deal with mental and psycho-social health considerations, putting under the spotlight amongst others stress, depression, and other underlying traumas, which could be exacerbated in times of movement restrictions, physical distancing, and isolation.

In addition, workshops’ content will be COVID-19 informed, focusing in health education, personal hygiene, healthy nutrition etc., as well as the importance of individual responsibility in the COVID-19 era as it is highly likely that there will be a second wave of infections in the autumn.

Zeuxis welcomes KNH in this partnership, which will support 140 minor refugees and migrants and their families during summer.

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