Music lessons

The girls living in “OIKOS”, the shelter for unaccompanied minor girls operated by ZEUXIS started weekly cello lessons. 

Every week an inspired and inspiring volunteer, Bessie Papadopoulou, who is music instructor, comes to OIKOS and spends at least two hours, introducing the girls to the wonders of music and in particular the cello. 

Along she brings her cello and her big smile and teaches the girls how to play. The reaction has been enthusiastic and most of our girls expressed their interest to participate in the classes.

Bessie has a unique way of teaching the theory of music but at the same time showing the girls how they can make music – even from the very first lesson. This turns every session into an interesting journey participatory and live!

Not a boring moment has been witnessed yet!

Among the girls, there are already a couple, who – according to their teacher – are natural talents and if they continue their classes maybe they will turn our professional cello players.

Why the cello and why music?

Why not? Music is the most common and natural way to express oneself. It helps communicate feelings, even those that cannot be explicitly expressed verbally. Music is a language that knows no barriers. That’s why after the first lesson, when our interpreters were present to facilitate the introductions, from then on it is just the girls, their instructor and their instruments. Nothing else is needed.

Music is a great pastime, creative activity, and can be therapeutic and fun!

What more to ask for?


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