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In the safe zone of the Reception Center of Malakasa the unaccompanied minors who are hosted set up the Christmas tree and spend festive days with treats and gifts.

The registration and certification of ZEUXIS NGO in the "Register of
Greek and Foreign Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) dealing with
international protection, migration and social integration issues" has
been successfully completed, according to the provisions of sub-no.
10616/2020 ministerial decision. ZEUXIS,  with dedication to the vision
and values ​​of its founding members, works tirelessly for continuous
improvement of its services, responsibly addressing  the needs of the
beneficiaries through its programs, cooperation with state and private
actors as well as transparency.

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We started operations in the safe area of the Reception and Identification Center in Kos.
Already, the Unaccompanied minor refugees hosted there, started Greek and English classes, as well as guitar lessons.

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