Music lessons

The girls living in “OIKOS”, the shelter for unaccompanied minor girls operated by ZEUXIS started weekly cello lessons. 

Every week an inspired and inspiring volunteer, Bessie Papadopoulou, who is music instructor, comes to OIKOS and spends at least two hours, introducing the girls to the wonders of music and in particular the cello. 

World Immigrant Day: The 10 year old Afghan girl who came out to the light from the darkness.

The child psychologist Yiannis Kalyvopoulos of the Day Center of Psychosocial Support of Underage Refugees & Immigrants of NGOs Zeuxis, working in conjunction with Doctors of the World, on the occasion of World Immigrant Day, tells the stunning story of a 10-year-old Afghan girl and how they helped her find her smile again...

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