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Every organisation is its people. The people of Zeuxis are present to demonstrate that despite the odds and difficulties they are always close to our children, to support, protect and take good care of.
In the Malakasa reception center the snow has covered everything. The weather conditions are bad. Our 30 unaccompanied minor boys need us and we are there:
Lia just left thanks to a Civil Proteciton vehicle that took her safely out from the center. She was at the Safe Zone for almost a day.

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Ιn the Safe Area of the Reception and Identification Center in Kos we spend our time creatively and we offer support to the unaccompanied teenage refugees that are hosted there.
We make sure to organize plenty of creative activities and we provide psychosocial support. We help children to reunite with their families in E.U. countries and until then we have Greek and English classes.

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In the Safe Zone of Malakasa reception center, the unaccompanied minors who are hosted there, receive the full attention and support of Zeuxis' team. They have everyday classes in Greek and English, recreational activities indoors and outdoors, and computer lessons to acquire digital skills.

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