Who said that learning has to be boring? Calculating numbers and weight, portions and analogies, following instructions and waiting for nature to take its course…..In the Safe Zone of Malakasa reception center, where unaccompanied minors are hosted, learning can be fun.

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Zeuxis’ mission is to make a real difference in the lives of people in need.
B came to Greece a few months ago. He and his four siblings witnessed his father being killed and then their mother decided to take them away to save their own lives. B was a top student in school, but his great passion was football.

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“Simon says: now you sleep!” While the younger students in the Day Center are learning the English verbs through playing, their parents participate in a psychoeducation group, where they receive information about the hazards lying in the constant use of smartphones by the children, and discuss with Zeuxis psychologist ways to deal with them.

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