"Voluntary Relocation from Greece"

The program “Voluntary Relocation from Greece” is implemented by Zeuxis in cooperation with IOM and is funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund of the European Union (DG HOME). It aims to support the relocation scheme through the operation of a Transit Hub with a capacity of thirty-nine (39) accommodation places, where protection and assistance services will be provided to unaccompanied children transferred there during the preparatory phases of relocation activities.

Τhe scientific team of Zeuxis, consisting of two social workers, psychologist, educatοr, lawyer and interpreters. The Transit Hub operation aims at an integrated-holistic provision of services for UMCs by specialized staff and personalized addressing of their needs for housing, food, health, education, information, social integration, and development of interests, entertainment, sports and creative activities. The intervention unfolds around 2 significant axes: psychosocial support and education, through an interdisciplinary approach.
Psychosocial support includes:
• Social history intakes
• Interfacing with government agencies, NGOs, medical services, legal services
• Psychosocial support in individual and group sessions
• Community education/raising awareness on issues of physical and mental health
• Referrals to external service providers
Advisory on social and psychological issues is provided by qualified personnel after assessing each child's specific needs. An independent space will operate for individual appointments, adequately designed to ensure confidentiality and secrecy. Furthermore, the program of collective and/or individual psychosocial support advisory services, which is posted in a conspicuous place, is followed daily.

Education – Creative activities and entertainment support
Educational activities (lessons and workshops) will be conducted and coordinated by the educator under the Science Project Leader's guidance and approval, either individually or in joint activities (interdisciplinary approach). Also, at regular intervals, there will be workshops on the following:

• Creative expression
• Drama games and exercises
• Civic & Peace-building Education
• Life skills
• Soft skills
• Health Education
• School & vocational orientation
Educational and training activities and workshops will be holistic, experiential, and targeted on the estimated educational needs and individual differences.

During July, the number of unique Unaccompanied Migrant Children (UMCs) who were accommodated in the Transit hub and received protection and assistance services was twelve (12). Zeuxis’ field team welcomed one (1) new UMC and in terms of departures, two (2) UMCs were transferred to Germany and Sweden as their family reunification applications were finalized.
The social worker of the facility in cooperation with the psychologist explained and discussed with UMCs the rules of the facility in two groups (Arabic and Farsi). A discussion took place and all questions were answered and communicated, the aim was to integrate the beneficiaries into a new structure and to make them feel their new home as a safe place, where they can develop their skills, express their needs and feelings and concerns.
The scientific unit cooperated closely with the Asylum Service for issues concerning the legal status of the beneficiaries and the progress of their cases. Great effort was made for the renewal all the PAAYPA (Provisional Social Security and Health Care Number) of the beneficiaries in order to proceed with vaccinations and other medical issues such as prescription of medication.
The subjects discussed with UMCs during the individual sessions focused mainly on procedural issues, empowerment of the UMCs, self-esteem improvement, encouraging UMCs’ participation in educational and recreational activities, improving medication and therapy compliance and methods of managing negative emotions. Besides, guidance on cohabitation and health-related issues was provided.
Zeuxis' legal advisor provides legal support to all minors, in group and individual meetings, for their updating on legal matters and procedures. Two UMCs family reunification applications were finalized and Zeuxis lawyer arranged all the details for their departures. Moreover, EASO informed Zeuxis regarding that relocation application of one beneficiary, which was positive and he will be relocated to Portugal.
Apart from the non-formal education classes, Zeuxis educator focused on various recreational activities to provide UMCs with additional stimuli for participation. The objectives of the recreational activities included socialization and creativity motivation. Beneficiaries fully enjoyed playing board games and Zeuxis staff encouraged UMCs to become involved in this activity from which they can derive many benefits. Furthermore, on 19th July, UMCs went on an educational excursion to Acropolis, UMCs enjoyed the walk, had a change of scenery and the chance to interact in a different environment, away from the Transit Hub.
The context as well as the quantitative outcomes during July is outlined below:


⦁ 12 UMCs accommodated in the Transit Hub

Basic support:
⦁ 24 h presence of caregivers
⦁ Interpretation in Arabic,Urdu and Farsi
⦁ Daily routines (hygiene and ground rules)
⦁ Distribution of clothing items provided by Zeuxis
⦁ Distribution of food provided by Zeuxis

Psychosocial support:
⦁ 9 needs / requests assessments by social workers
⦁ 18 consultancy sessions by social workers
⦁ 8 consultancy sessions with the psychologist
⦁ 12 escorts for the provision of services
⦁ 24 individual sessions with the lawyer
⦁ 4 skills development sessions

Education, recreation and leisure:
⦁ 49 English lessons
⦁ 12 Greek lessons
⦁ 29 recreational activities (board games, handicrafts, sports games, music)

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