«SMS» Project
Supporting the Greek Authorities in Managing the National Reception System for Asylum Seekers and Vulnerable Migrants

The program “Supporting the Greek Authorities in Managing the National Reception System for Asylum Seekers and Vulnerable Migrants (SMS)” is implemented by Zeuxis in cooperation with IOM and is funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund of the European Union (DG HOME). It aims to provide security and support services to 30 Unaccompanied Minors (UMCs) hosted in the Safe Zone of Malakasa Long Term Accommodation Center.

Τhe scientific team of Zeuxis, consisting of two social workers, psychologist, educatοr, lawyer and interpreters, provided unaccompanied minors with a personalized treatment of their needs for food, health, education, information, psychological support, socialization and social inclusion, development of interests, entertainment, sports and creative activities, in the framework of an interdisciplinary approach.

The intervention aims to empower unaccompanied minors and to best prepare them for living conditions and requirements that will arise for them shortly. The intervention unfolds around 2 significant axes: psychosocial support and non-formal education, through an interdisciplinary approach.

Psychosocial support includes:

• psychosocial history intake to design a personalized intervention
• individual sessions with the Social Workers/ the Psychologist: consultancy, therapy & joint planning of the Child’s Development Plan
• psychosocial group sessions for the communication of important knowledge/information, strengthening group links and peaceful relations

Non-formal education aims at the UMCs’ development of emotional, cognitive and creative skills through:

• teaching Greek and English to serve the daily communication needs of UMCs
• experiential and participatory activities
• recreational activities
• commitment to safety rules and ownership of procedures 

During March the number of unique Unaccompanied Migrant Children (UMCs) who were accommodated in the Safe Zone and received protection and assistance services from Zeuxis was thirty-six (36). As regards arrivals, ten (10) UMCs arrived at the Safe Zone. Concerning the departures, three (3) UMCs were transferred to SIL apartments, while two (2) UMCs were transferred to apartments under the ESTIA accommodation scheme.

Zeuxis psychosocial unit continued protecting and promoting the psychosocial well-being of UMCs, providing guidance and personalized addressing of their needs. Discussions focused on the issues of procedural issues, empowerment of the UMCs, the importance of attending the learning classes, future plans, delays in placements to shelters for those reaching adulthood and self-esteem improvement. Additionally, guidance on cohabitation and health-related issues was provided to beneficiaries.

Τhe vaccinations of the UMCs continued, more specifically, four (4) UMCs were vaccinated during the reporting period. Furthermore, the issuance of ADYM for four (4) UMCs was finalized, andfour (4) UMCs were enrolled in public schools.

Within the framework of the Relocation Scheme, two (2) interviewstook place in the Asylum Service of Attica. In a positive development, a beneficiary passed the first phase of the interview; the next interview was held at the French Embassy in Athens.

Alongside with the educational courses, a number of recreational activities took place during March. The children spent their free time creatively and pleasantly with a pastry lesson and the creation of a comic book!

The context as well as the quantitative outcomes during March is outlined below:


• 36 UMCs accommodated in the Safe Zone

Basic support:
• 24 h presence of caregivers
• Interpretation in Arabic, French, Farsi, Af-Soomaali, Sorani, Urdu and Bengali.
• Daily routines (hygiene and ground rules in the Safe Zone)
• Distribution of clothing items provided by Zeuxis
• Distribution of 844 portions of food provided by IOM
• Provision of monthly cash allowance

Psychosocial support:
• 6 social history intakes
• 11 needs’ / requests’ assessments by social workers
• 22 needs’ / requests’ assessments by psychologist
• 48 consultancy sessions by social workers
• 44 Individual sessions with the psychologist
• 14 referrals/ escorts for the provision of services
• 36 individual sessions with the lawyer
• 3 interviews regarding the Relocation Program

Education, recreation and leisure:
• 10 English lessons
• 39 Greek lessons
• 4 Μaths lessons
• 45 recreational activities (board games, handicrafts, watching films, sports games and music)

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